sexta-feira, fevereiro 20, 2009

Viva a Imprudência!

"I am bewildered. But, more than that, I am angry. I can't count how many news accounts I've seen about the poor, struggling homeowners who can't make the monthly mortgage payment, are about to be foreclosed, and risk losing the family home, yard, white picket fence, and piece of the American Dream. But I haven't heard one word about the poor, struggling renters, the ones who scrimped and saved and put money away each month towards a down payment, who kept the credit cards paid off, stayed out of trouble, and lived modestly, and thought that maybe, just maybe, the fall in housing prices meant that they, finally, could afford a house — maybe one of those foreclosed units down the street. These people are Bastiat's unseen. For them, Obama's housing plan is a giant slap in the face. To hell with the prudent. Party on, profligate! Now that's what I call moral hazard." (Peter Klein)

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Mr. França disse...

é igual quando um prefeito e/ou governador faz anistia de multas: o "babaca" que pagou a multa devida, pagou de bobo, e o caloteiro que não paga a multa é perdoado!